Thursday, August 28, 2014

home vacation and about that giveaway!

well...part of it was at home. I traveled north for a visit to my sister where we took in beautiful sites (and food!) in Half Moon Bay as well as a couple of movies that were very enjoyable. 2 movies about chefs...One Hundred Foot Journey and Chef. I would recommend both although the second had some rather rough language in it. The story however was sweet and the fun.
I returned home at the same time as my best friend showed up for a planned mini vacation here in Cambria that included massages, delicious dinner at the SeaChest and a horse back ride!  It has been about 40 (!) years since I had the pleasure of riding a horse. Such amazing creatures.
Here's a picture of our trail guide getting Sam ready for my ride
Here's a happy me!
And here we are at the ocean view. I could see my neighborhood from here. Such an amazing place to live!

Sew...about that giveaway! Instead of celebrating my 200th post...I'll go for celebrating the 207th or maybe having 110 followers :-)
Next post I'll have pictures and the plan. Thank you for reading along with me. Blogging world has some lovely quilters (and their pets :-) in it!


  1. Loris, sounds like you have been having the most wonderful days here! It all looks and sounds so wonderful!

  2. What a fun way to spend your summer days! I haven't been on a horse since I was a kid! How fun!

  3. I just wrote a sweet comment and it disappeared on me. Errr! Long time since I'd been on a horse too and not sure my tail feather would be comfy. Fun that you found so much right there.


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