Wednesday, October 8, 2014

change of plans

I wasn't moving very fast after piecing the stars for my snowman quilt. I think I'm still a bit to busy to think about an applique quilt right now. So I put it away for later and pulled out some flannel and plaids that I had "kitted" together...yikes, a few years ago! It's a pattern from McCall's Quilting April 1999 and is called Plaid Basketweave. I think I just needed to have some piecing to do.

More time for quilting here soon and next week is PIQF in Santa Clara!
Pictures to follow =^.^=


  1. Can't wait for PIQF!

    Hmmm, April 1999? I should have that I have to hunting to check out the pattern.

  2. Some of my favorite colors in your basket weave block.


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