Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some favorites

winning is one :-)
Recent giveaways on a couple of my favorite blogs that I read, found me winning some treats! The cute Snowman Garland table topper came to me from Mary at Quilt Hollow. The snowman buttons are a very fun added touch to this Red Button pattern.  And the beautiful fat quarters of homespun were gifted by Norma at Timeless Traditions.  A big Thank You to both of these quilters!
another favorite is the PIQF quilt show...which was yes, way back a month ago!
I'm a bit behind here. But the show was busy and fun as ever. I did not find as many animal quilts as I have in the past but I still have one to show that was of course, my favorite in the show.
Nancy Brown is involved in an applique group known as The Bulbs. They sewed up this quilt with "photos" of residents from the San Francisco Zoo taking a sight seeing trip in the The City.
(sorry my own photos aren't the best...I was using my phone and was Me taking the photo ;-)

The giraffe and the elephants were my favorite blocks.   However, Blogger, for some reason, isn't allowing me to add any more to this post I will be back with more about the quilt show in another post!


  1. Lucky streak! Get your lotto ticket. Luck comes in threes!

  2. I made a one of the snowman table toppers. The project goes pretty fast. You will have a new piece in no time.


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