Wednesday, November 19, 2014

treats and a new to me designer

Sew...still more about PIQF.
Straight into the vendor isles, my sister and I found one of our favorites at Sew Cherished and a table of half yard homespuns. As conservative as I could be, I came home with these. Perfect for some scrappy plaid quilts.
Then way at the other corner of the show with the other spectrum of beautiful fabrics, I found these
and a new to me designer.
Let me share A Quilter's Dream with you. This picture doesn't really showcase this fabric well....but the quilt I'm going to make will!
I was drawn into the booth because I was looking for a batik collection to use to make another quilt for a co-worker and well, the lime green in this collection in one of the quilts displayed called my name! My sister liked the cats and I liked the sunflowers.
We ended up purchasing these two patterns.
The first uses just a Jelly Roll to make a 55" X 55" quilt. The directions were clear and had some extra good tips of keeping this quilt well shaped.
This second pattern, called Half Baked, kind of amazed me. It uses only one layer cake. The designer, Stephanie Prescott at A Quilter's Dream uses all but a few scraps from the 40  10"squares to make a 46" X 59" lap quilt. I really appreciated the efficiency of being able to make a quick but interesting quilt using the handy pre-cut with such good use of the fabric...especially handy for gift quilts. I can pick up a pre-cut and know I won't be overbuying fabric for the quilt...even though yes, scraps are always loved.
I have one of each of these patterns sewn up using River Rock from Hoffman....but no pictures of mine yet as they are in line to be quilted. I haven't actually haven't sewn up the lime green and brown one yet but will be using fat quarters that I purchased there to sew up the larger version of Half Baked (61x71). Both versions were included in the pattern.



  1. Hey, homespuns!! Love those, and your pretty fabrics and patterns will be so fun!

  2. Beautiful fabrics - Lucky you Loris!


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