Saturday, January 31, 2015

Binding Blitz

Julie over at JulieKQuilts is calling for a Binding Blitz this year! Each month we will post pics of the quilt bindings we have finished and link for the show. 
So my first is what I finished on New Year's Day.
And these two followed.
I'm starting a new quilt today so that will be it for bindings in January.
Thank you, Julie, for the push to the finish :-) Follow this link to Julie's blog for more about the Binding Blitz.


  1. You are just in the zone!! Love your pretty quilts, and thank you for participating!

  2. I love that quilt! You have quite a collection!

  3. I love sewing the binding on a quilted means I am done and ready to start something new! Your quilts are lovely.

  4. WOOHOO! I got two done and you got 3! Yay for us! LOL


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