Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hello from California's central coast! though the shoreline really isn't this
It has been a busy month with some sewing and re-organizing and more. My first project and probably last completed project for the month was from bonus triangles.
I sewed up this...which will probably be my only Binding Blitz finish for the month...
from the triangles cut off while sewing these stars last fall...
I love these small quilts and love using up scraps...which led me to finally getting around to dealing with this (and more!)
I must have been cutting up scraps for 4 days this week but am mostly caught up and can grab squares to sew for a "leader ender" project while I move on to the real project I was going to do this month which is this...
And with company coming, this will end up bringing me into March. I have two blocks sewn though so we will see how long it takes for a finish.


  1. I think it would take me 4 weeks to cut up / do something with my scraps. I try once a year, spend HOURS and never seem to make a dent. Love the little bonus triangle quilt. Looks like you are doing a really good job of retiring. ;o)

  2. Lovely projects you've got going on!!

  3. Love that little quilt under the phone!! So cute!!!

  4. What a darling quilt, from leftovers! Love it!!

  5. Cute projects! Congratulations on getting your scraps trimmed up.

  6. Love your sawtooth blocks! And the little quilt from the leftover HSTs.


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