Friday, April 3, 2015

Binding Blitz

These blocks were sewn together but I needed to hoof it (*see quilt backing below :-) to get this quilt completed to meet a March 31st goal. I was bound (wink) and determined to get 'er done! Partly just to see the end of this project and move on to the next batch of fabric to play with and also to be able to participate in JulieKQuilts Binding Blitz.
The sashing was still more 2" squares so it took awhile to get it all put together. Then I quilted it and planned the entertainment for binding festivities.
Choices, choices.
The earlier BBC version has David Rintoul and is my favorite...but hmm, what about the Colin Firth version. I decided to watch both and confirm my preference. Yep...still love David as Mr. Darcy but then what's not to love about Colin. Sewing binding on has never been better!
So without further ado, I present my March finish.
The fabrics include some called tooled leather for the reminder of a saddle. This quilt is for my friend and (ex-boss :-) and is titled "For the Love of Wyatt" for her sweet horse. It's still a secret needs the label sewn on and the trip over to give it to her. So don't tell anyone!
The backing...
and the binding...
For the quilting I used a pantograph by Dave Hudson called Stetsons & Boots
So head on over to Julie's and see the other bindings completed this month!
Thanks for the motivation, Julie!


  1. Wow, I love that quilt! What a sweet gift for your friend!

  2. This quilt is beautiful; the colors are so warm and rich.

  3. Oh the colors in this quilt are wonderful! That tooled leather fabric is perfect and the backing is over the top! Your friend is going to feel so special!

  4. Great quilt! Perfect backing fabric. Which came first?

  5. Awesome quilt --- a classic! Great color combo....

  6. I absolutely love the colors! Lucky friend!

  7. I love the colors too. You are a good friend!!!!! Congrats on your finish.

  8. I love this quilt! I've used that same "leather" fabric in a cowboy/horse quilt. :)


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