Saturday, November 19, 2016


Wow, it has been a busy month! Voting, animals to the vet for shots, exams and oral surgery for both cats...poor babies, but both are happy and healthier for it....still packing up the house for the floor re-do which got pushed back a week and will completely alter any idea of Christmas here, and of course, the twice daily hour long walks of the pups.  So obviously, NOT MUCH SEWING HERE :-(
Fortunately for the gift from Julie, I can still sneak in a few moments.

These blocks are slow going but very fun to sew. With no pins, it seems like magic when they go together so well. It dawned on me that I purchased a pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful to sew up another Wheel of Mystery...that I will have to cut up myself. 😅😅😅   (Hey I just figured out how to add an emoji! though they don't look as good as they do on my phone...)

So hopefully, I'm getting some good practice with curved stitching here. 

To keep me in some good quilty spirits, I won two giveaways! 
Both were from a wonderful blog hop of new Kaffe Fassett material. From Amy at Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts, I won this beautiful jelly roll of Kaffe that I'm looking forward to sewing up in the new year. Thank you, Amy!

And from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict,  I won this sewing machine mat that she made herself (!) from the new Kaffe fabrics.  
This is truly gorgeous and so special to have something sewn by her. I am thrilled!  Thank you, Sarah!  When my sewing room is put back together it will be gorgeous!
Thank you all for reading along in my quilty adventures. I hope you are blessed with a grateful heart as we head into this holiday season with Thanksgiving. We all need gratitude and hope and are blessed when we are able to share it. 


  1. Congrats on the wins! The sewing mat is gorgeous! You're getting more sewing done that I am. Your blocks look great (I run at warp speed away from curves.)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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