Saturday, October 29, 2016

October part three

For some actual sewing this month, it took a treat in the mail to get me going. As I am sorting and purging through my stuff, Julie, of JulieKQuilts has been doing a bit of the least in her sewing closet :-) She has a lot of wonderful projects started but was thinking some were just going to languish. So she sent me some wool applique blocks to share with me...I'll show these later when I get started working on them.  These are a particular treat for me as I love applique...but really don't like the prep part...and these are totally ready to go!  Awesome! Thank you so much, Julie!
A surprise in the package though was a precut kit for curved piecing project. Curved piecing peaks my interest so I jumped right in. 

I'm sewing slow and steady as these are not the easiest in the world to sew. And I'm not sure if I see improvement in my skill just yet but hopefully I will. It is so perfect for me right now with most of my house packed away. This little kit is too easy to pick up and just sew pieces together.
It is also giving me a chance to use something I purchased at PIQF. 

I think it was my last purchase as things were winding down Sunday afternoon. My sister and I listened to the demonstrator and it got my attention.  The cover uses the same material as firemen protective gear that reflects the heat back to what you are trying to press. So you can actually set the iron to a lower temp and also it was just a nice smooth surface for ironing. I have purchased an ironing pad at market before that was not really that great so I was leery of making another disappointment.  But they had a handy small pad just perfect for my pressing station next to my machine so I bought that for a test ride :-)
And I like it!

I was trying hard not to bring a lot back with me from this show.  I stuck with looking for some blacks and greys and reds that I haven't been finding at my LQS's.  I found these and am looking forward to sewing another red cross quilt in the new year sometime.

The white piece has demo stitches from the awesome Bernina 790 that I tested out.  It is quite a fun machine with beautiful stitches and great features.  I did not bring this home though!  I am happy to say that I'm quite content with my 1090 but it is fun to fly a jet sometimes :-)
In the not needed but still fun to purchase was this

...plaid, always a fun purchase!  and a pretty orange for pumpkins from Farmhouse Threads. I think this was their first year there and because my other favorite, Sew Cherished, was not there...these folks cheered me considerably. They have a beautiful booth with wonderful wools, homespuns and fun patterns. An oasis in a modern world :-)


  1. Awesome that you are already putting together those curved pieces...bravo!!

  2. Looks like you found some fun purchases! I am going to have to look for that ironing board cover--something I need badly--lol!


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