Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 December

I'm catching up here with Thank You's for winnings and gifts...
Way back in October, Carole from From My Carolina Home, hosted a full month of inspiring quilt, food, table setting and gardening ideas...I'm forgetting some...  oh yes, Rubber Stamping! She covers so many fun ideas for home and hobbies. She is also an inspiration for charity gifts and involvement. 
During her month of Autumn Jubilee, she has sponsors that give awesome gifts to those reading along.  Inspired LED gifted sewing machine light kits and I won a kit and and extension kit! Pictured below is my Bernina with all the other lights I had going on it.  And then a picture with the LED lights added. My photography skills don't really do it justice but for my aging :-) eyes, more light is better! This is a great addition. 

I had to read to find out what the extension kit was about.  The initial kit has a very long, long strip of LED lights.  I determined how long a strip I needed for the Bernina, trimmed and attached it with the cord holders to keep everything neat and secure with the plug cord going down the back (Or side if preferred) of the machine.  I found that I still had a very long strip of LED lights to use.  At the uncut end was an adapter that fit into the extension kit.  This meant I had a whole new system to attach somewhere.  I do have another Bernina but this long piece would also fit nicely on my longarm. Wahoo! I definitely could use more light there!  This win turned into a double delight!
A huge Thank You to Carole  and to Inspired LED for such inspiration and light!

A special mention here is to our local cat rescue group here in Cambria, called HART, Homeless Animal Rescue Team.  They have a lovely cattery for taking care of the cats they work to find homes for.  The vets in town help out with needed care for the cats. And several fund raising events are scheduled through out the year to keep it going.  One group within HART raises funds specifically for cats needed more extensive health care.  My friend, Darlene, spends hours and months, preparing for a Guardian Angles raffle they do each fall.  Local artists and others donate items for the raffle.  This year, I won this sweet water color of an orange and white kitty.  It is lovely and as I use to own an orange and white kitty, it is special to my heart.  Thank you HART and supporters for all you do!

Here's a shot of the completed prep for the blocks I sent off to Chico for a quilter who lost her home in the Camp Fire. 

I can't stop thinking about this community.  I am working on a large quilt to send off to them.  Here's a picture of some of it a long with a picture of the wonderful, new wool pressing mat that my sister gifted to me.  I really like it! I like the pressing quality as I think it heats both sides of my fabric and makes the blocks flatter.  I also LOVE how portable it is.  I can take it to any table and iron while I'm sitting in front of the fire or watching TV.  Thank you, Gloria!

Another gift is the time spent with handsome Luke here, walking (or in his case, running) up and down the hills in our local ranch park.  It is wonderful out there!

So we are ending this year and greeting the new one soon.  Here is a recent sunrise seen from my porch to inspire the new day.  "The heavens declare the glory of God"  Psalm 19:1
Thank you for reading along!


  1. I'm delighted that you like your winning lights! Congratulations, and thank you for reading!!

  2. The light strips look like such a good idea. I have almost bought one a few times, but I always change my mind. One of these days.... :)
    That is an absolutely gorgeous sunrise. Takes my breath away!

  3. All that extra lighting is so nice. Your blocks for the Camp Fire victim are wonderful.

    The colors in your sunrise are glorious. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Loris. Thanks for sharing your talents with the Camp Fire victims, and that beautiful sunrise picture with all of us. Give Luke a pat for me.


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