Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 2019

Elinor is here to wish you a Happy New Year and to show the cat blessing of the first finish of the year.

Here is a partial shot of the quilt I have made to send to Chico for someone who lost their home in the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.  I connected with Jean of Layers of Hope to find someone wanting a quilt and will be sending this off.

Many of the color squares from the front and the toile on the back were gifted to me by a quilter neighbor who is trying to clean out her sewing room.  I love toile so it was fun to use. The light fabrics were some in my stash and some from a newly purchased craze I went through with Black Friday and end of year sales online.  I went a little overboard but finally have a great stash of neutrals to use in quilts. It measures 72" X 84".  I used a cotton batt for it which gave a fun wrinkled up look to it.  I quilted all over feathers using a tan Sew Fine thread from Superior Threads.  I washed it and got a fairly colored Color Catcher to show for it.

I finally got brave and tried sewing the binding on completely by machine.  It worked out pretty well.  I sewed it on as usual, folded it over and used my hair clips to keep it in place and sewed with thread matching the binding on top and the backing on the bottom.  My strips were a wide 2 1/2" as I wasn't sure how this would go. So you can see the line of stitching on the backing in the second picture.  I wasn't fast with it...but a whole lot faster than I would have been stitching it down by hand.  I will surely do this again.

As I've been working on this charity quilt for the Camp Fire community, there are quilts still needed for the Carolina Hurricane communities.  Carole has a great effort going.  See her update post here and see if there is a quilt you want to send. 

So I'm currently working on a fabric bundle that I bought as a Christmas present to myself.  I will show pictures soon.
It is stormy here on the central coast of California today.  This sunrise is from a few days ago. It is so breathtaking sometimes that I have to stop and just enjoy it. 


  1. A very pretty donation quilt!
    I really need to try machine binding again. My first attempts weren't too successful, but it sure would save time on utility quilts, if I could get the hang of it.
    Gorgeous sunrise!

  2. Your quilt turned out beautiful. I'm sure it will bring lots of comfort to someone. I resisted all of the holiday fabric sales which was really difficult when there was a new email from so many shops every day...I won't mention the after Christmas sales I hit ;o). Is Elinor all black? She is such a pretty cat.

  3. Beautiful quilt with gorgeous feathers, you will find that as you do more binding with the sewing machine it gets better and quicker. That's how I do all my binding.

  4. Your quilt turned out beautifully. I, too, love toile fabric. Someone is going to be blessed with that quilt.

    The sewn on binding is definitely much faster and more durable too. I have always sewn mine on from the front and folded it back - using a glue stick to hold it down while stitching it down. It works so well.


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