Friday, March 27, 2009

book reading

Started reading my first Emilie Richards book a couple of nights ago. The Wedding Ring..starts with mother and daugther going to grandmother's house to clean it up after some serious hoarding. It's a good read...felt a little scary, I think though, because I spent the day cleaning and throwing things out of my sewing room! It already feels better though. So this is a good thing.

Came across some Minky scraps a friend had given me. I cut out 4 1/2 inch squares and had enough for a soft baby quilt and the backing too. Hah! Then I tried to sew blocks together...not even pins every 1/2" could keep these pieces even. I read some tips using something called Perfect Sew or using interfacing... but I chose to package it altogether with a nice label of what it is and I'm going to pass it on. Is this charity or trickery?
And the lovely feline in the photo is my manager, Marianne. She and Elinor came to us a couple of years ago. They both had silly names that they didn't respond to so I picked two favorites from Jane Austen characters and we have been happy ever since. Their personalities actually match the characters.


  1. Love the Jane Austin names for your cats! I passed a couple of yards of Minke to my sister last took me forever to just make a little pillow! I feel no guilt in handing it over...if she doesn't like it she'll find someone who does! (I ended up having to use my walking worked but slowly...felt like I was sewing on the bias)

  2. I saw your link on Carrie P.'s blog and decided to say "hello" welcome to the blog world. I like Emilie Richards books too and she has a blog also.
    Your cat helpers are good looking and I like your color choices in the quilt.

  3. I was tempted to buy some Minke for my nephew's baby quilt but I'm happy now that I didn't. Thanks for the 'head's up' Loris.

    Your blog looks great. Welcome to blogland!

  4. I loved that book...keep reading. Nice weblog.

  5. Hi Loris,
    First welcome to blogland, you will meet great friends and have a wonderful adventure. I came by way of Carrie and want to say your quilt is gorgeous.
    Keep Stitchen'


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