Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a humble beginning

I have enjoyed so many pictures and tips and just fun items of interest while reading other blogs from quilters. I am inspired to try and share from my own little world of quilting....partly to give back or pass forward anything that might be of interest to someone else and also to see if it inspires me as well by just seeing my own attempts documented.

This will be where I learn how to add pictures and music like I see on others pages. You all are so creative! Already I have figured out how to have a least to listen while I am on the computer..and maybe to eventually add to this blog if I figure that out.

So I'm starting with a picture of a cat since those have been some of my favorites on others pages. This is Elinor on my Gatsby quilt. I couldn't have paid her to do that for me...she was just generous.
more later, Loris


  1. Elinor is a beauty. Thanks for sharing her with us, and Gatsby (she is special, too)! Best wishes for a successful launch into the wonderful world of blogging. Welcome!!

  2. Hi Loris,

    Thanks for the invitation to come for a visit. Is Elinor a Burmese? We used to have two Burmese and she looks very much like Max and Daisy.

    Welcome to blogland. I haven't been blogging for very long but I've 'met' some wonderful people and I'm having a blast.

  3. welcome to blogland, a place of inspiration, sharing, and lots of fun. I look forward to seeing your quilts.

  4. Hello,
    Your furbabies are beautiful......Welcome to blogland............Amy


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