Wednesday, March 25, 2009

something more

Something more to add today...the photo on my profile (at least for now) is of the quilt I made while doing an online Bible study of the Women of the Bible. There were 53 blocks offered. I didn't do all of them...skipped some of the wicked ones, or like Delilah..that history was so disturbing, I made one for Sampson's mother instead. But the study as a whole was life changing just because spending that much time learning from the reading and from the others in the group was enriching. Quilters are rich and generous with wisdom.


  1. Beautiful piece-- I'm so glad I stopped by. I'm a dog lover, so I'll have to read more about your pup.

  2. Welcome to "blogdom!" Beautiful quilt! You are so lucky to live near a ranch and a I end up dodging cars a lot when I walk my dog!

  3. Hi Loris,
    I followed this Bible study one year. Did not make the quilt yet but one day. Your version is lovely.


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