Tuesday, April 7, 2009

treat in the mail

Came home last night after a couple of busy days working in the ER to find a box full of treats waiting for me to open.
Tasty dark chocolate and pnut butter eggs mixed in with a cute little bunny and the cutest thing of all..cupcake lip gloss. My friend, Kim, in Arizona has a way of making my day!
There are bright color chickens on one of the fat quarters and colorful houses on the other.

This evening I'm hoping to finish a little project I started for my DH last Friday. I had put together a kit of Jo Morton fabrics from the Quilted Moose...which is still on the machine waiting for some Baptist fans in the borders. The quilting will have to wait till tomorrow when I'll hopefully have a little more energy again.

With fabric leftover, I put together more blocks to cover a little bulletin board for him to hang above his desk. The project for today will be add some fabric around the edge to secure it around the cork board..which apparently has something behind it to make it magnetic too.


  1. Oh my! Oh my! I loved this in the magazine and wanted to get the kit....I loved it but was trying to be good and use up what I had....until the purchase of a kit I'm working now! UGH! Anyway....love this Jo number...but then I'm a Jo nut anyway.

  2. What a great treat in the mailbox and I love the quilt. Amazing how a bit of fabric can dress up something as simple as a cork board!


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