Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures of Quilt show 'loot' the pictures to load though I'm never sure how the layout is going to show up when I post this. My editing skills are less than beginner...however, here goes....

The lovely greens to the left are from the Beach House fabric line. If I hadn't fallen in love with the fabrics themselves, I would have tempted just by the name. The stash includes some charm packs and yardage of the soft lime green. I will have the fun of picking one of the fabrics possibly to purchase more for a backing.

This next find is some fabrics from Robin Pandolph with a few others thrown in for a very romantic quilt for our guest room...Funny thing that the main frequenter to the 'guest room' was with me at this show and was rather "pushy" as to what a good purchase and project this would be. Could it be she is tired of the 80's Laura Ashley comforter on the bed at present?

Fortunately for her :-) it will be quite pleasureable to sew this fabric together.

The next find is the 'dorky lamp'! I'm not up to modeling it for you yet....but I'll tell you, it does look pretty bad! It actually hangs around my neck. The bulb and case don't actually rest on me and the whole thing only weighs about 7 ounces. The bulb also does not get very warm at all which beats the heat wave I feel trying to work under most of the lamps I have...even the low energy ones. I've even tried the head gear with the flashlights before for handwork so I apparently am not uncomfortable with the idea of looking weird :-) And this works better! If interested in this wonderful 'look' try and check it out.

For a coming birthday of a friend learning to applique, I found this wool pincushion kit. The brown stuff is ground walnut (?) shells for the filling. She will love the cute sheep on it.

Note to self: don't tell Kim about this blog before June!

The last treat I have to show you is the edition of Quiltmania that has an artcle about Bonnie Hunter as well as some pictures of her friend Lucy's house in Holland. I had looked in a few local book stores to no avail and was surprised and delighted to just come upon this at a local quilt shop's booth at the show. Thank you Quilter's Attic in Arroyo Grande! They apparently get this magazine to sell when issues come if you are looking.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my found treasures. Soon I hope to have some completed projects to show for all my blessed shopping of late.


  1. I love Quiltmania...jut a bit different from what we get in the states. The photo setups are beautiful too!

  2. I'll tell Gerry that you blogged her! She will squeel happy! Loved the new goods:) I cannot believe I missed the show this year! I was even supposed to be a vendor!!

  3. Great treasures. I have seen that magazine at Borders book store.


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