Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn project

(If you are looking for the giveaway here)
The girls stayed up late with me last night to help make a little table topper that was featured by one of the designers in the Fall-o-Ween blog hop.  It is called Acorn Crisp and was designed by Kari at New Leaf Stitches. Check out the pattern here
 It calls for flying geese blocks and I sewed an extra seam as I have seen others do to make the portion of fabric that will be cut off to be already sewn into scrap HSTs.

I had a picture of Elinor for you and I had another picture of the rewards of the extra seam to show but this new Blogger format is 'killing me' in that I can't move the pictures around with any ease at all.  I gave up and deleted the photos because it wouldn't let me place them.  

And now it is not letting me type....
Here is the topper ready for me to add the leaves and acorn applique.  I'm looking for the right colors of wool so this may wait till I'm off work again next week.
Here is the latest Psalms block completed.  It is called Paths of Peace for Psalm 25
"Show me thy ways, O LORD; teach me they paths. Ps. 25:4 


  1. love the new look!
    Cute quilt top. I haven't even given an ounce of thought to making any of the hop projects yet. Actually, I did pick up some free burlap which would work well in the fall leaf adorned jar. anyway, cute cats too! See you on Monday.

  2. That's going to be a very cute table topper...can't wait to see it complete!

  3. I like your little table topper. How many of the Psalm blocks do you have left to make?

  4. You and "the girls", cute! I love that Psalms block, it's great! Can't wait to see your table topper.


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