Saturday, October 16, 2010

Made it to PIQF! (warning lots of pictures)

After some serious persuasion...I was blessed with a friend to travel with to PIQF on Thursday! Thank you, Rana, it was wonderful!  I had a small list of items to shop for and one very special quilt to see and all was acomplished!  So here are some pictures of the show...
Here is the quilt on my most important list!  This is 'Bay Bridge   Series' by Nancy Brown.  Very worth the trip!  I love her applique animals and am always amazed at the personality she captures.  What made it even more fun was getting to see Nancy at the show as well.                                                              

Note: Not sure what to do with the difficulty I am having with blogger...can't seem to figure out what is happening with sentence alignment! Hope you can follow along till I figure out what is wrong. And it is only letting me load one picture at a time. Period. I've had to save and close the post, wait and come back to another 'editing' session to add additional photos. And the word alignment starts in the middle and justifies left only when I type enough words in a line.  This is a bit crazy!  Any hints?
Just look at this elephant face.

OK they did also have a few other quilts at the show.

And yet another quilt inspired by Nancy Brown by students.

The vendors were rich with beautiful fabric and inspiration.  I loved seeing the Fig Tree booth with Joanna sharing her wonderful design and color.
I also was able to meet John'aLee of The Scrappy Appleyard with her beautiful booth of fabrics. She was stitching on her Buttercream Summer BOM which looks even more delish in real life.                                                                                   

A long but amazing day!


  1. Love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Blogger can be a pain, but it is free. I personally don't mind the centered text. Now the picture thing is a pain. I always reduce the pixels of my pics before I post them. Hope that helps.

  2. Every quilt is just gorgeous! Thank you for the ocean/arch scene a Cynthia England quilt??

  3. Thank you, those pictures were beautiful.

  4. What an amazing quilt show! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  5. Wow! That's quite a collection of pictures!

    I met Lynn, the woman who made the quilt with the roses on the fence, with the amazing appliqued shadows - we had lunch together. When she said she had a quilt in the show, I knew EXACTLY which one it was, AND I remembered the name of the quilt. What are the odds of that happening?!!

    I thought the show was really good this year...

  6. Amazing! What talent. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. There is some amazing talent out there...I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to make some of those quilts...glad you got to go...hope you had a fun time. I wish I could help with blogger, but I am so new...I have to figure things out as I go...have a great day!

  8. I am so glad you got to go to the show. How cool to see the Fig Tree booth. Some really awesome art quilts. I really like the aspen trees. And the ocean one, WOW.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sorry can't help with blogger. It seems other are having problems too.


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