Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hard Times

 Kind of a boring quilt block here but I got alot out of the Psalm it was representing.  Psalm 142 was written by David when he was hiding in a cave to avoid being killed by King Saul.  David's hard time at that moment was surely more challenging than what I face and yet I can hear myself at times whining complaining or fretting about troubles or worries but without the focus that I read in this Psalm.  I'm thinking it might be more fruitful to memorize this Psalm and use the words David wrote down...and get my mind back to knowing God is my Source and Refuge.
One thought that opened my eyes a bit was the line "deliver me from my persecutors".  I think the only one persecuting me around here is me!  Women in particular often are our own worst critics. Wendy posted an interesting thought today on Stash Manicure  that encourages me to change that habit. And Psalm138:8 also gives me a better focus, "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever".
Here is a quick photo of Marianne...I'm documenting 'progress' in my attempt to get her to use the Crinkle Sac that I bought because  "cats Love them" ...or so I was told :-)  She is at least sitting in front of it on some crinkly tissue wrapping paper. I maintain such lofty pursuits! :-) She isn't as annoyed as she looks.  Just the wrong second for the camera to shoot.
Today I am sewing together the rows of lovely Robyn Pandolph fabric.
Hope you are doing something beautiful today too.
PS  Something happened to my typing issue here!  The words just justify normally and not all from the center. Yeah! Thank you Blogger or Google or whoever fixed that!


  1. Love that Robyn Pandolph fabric. Glad you got to do some sewing today.

    And aren't cats funny?! The favorite "toy" around here is an empty box. Before they go out to recycling, they have to be played with for a while :)


  2. Cats are interesting creatures for sure. Lula hates anything that crinkles and Boo Boo loves it.
    The RP fabrics look wonderful.

  3. Nice block and nice thought for today too.

  4. I don't think it is a boring block. It has some interesting lines to it. Could be made in lots of different fabrics and have a totally different look.


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