Thursday, March 17, 2011

it's a good week

Last year while walking the dogs, I met up with some quilters who were enjoying their own quilting retreat right here in my own neighborhood. You can read about that visit here.  So I knew they were headed back to town this year but it had been kind of a busy week for me and I hadn't seen them yet.  As I came by walking with the dogs, my DH and a nephew, I started to tell them about the quilters and then came upon this sign :-)  Quilters are so creative...even in ways to communicate.  I met up with them later and really enjoyed seeing them again along with the fantastic projects each of them were working on.  Sharon and Margaret both have blogs so you too can check up the projects they've been working least maybe after they get back home.  This group really knows how to treat themselves to the best retreat and right on the ocean.

I have finished quilting a wall hanging for our friend, Tony but Blogger is not letting me add any more photos today so I will save that for another post. What I have been sewing on this week are bags to take to the market.  My friend, Tonya (hey there, Ms T) had me shorten and re-hem curtains a few years back and I've used the cotton duck from that project to make these bags. Only several more to go :-)
Ms. Elinor is still enjoying those dog beds!  Fortunately, there really is plenty of them to go around and the dogs are learning to adjust a bit.  It's nice to see the cats keeping everyone learning new style.


  1. That sign is hilarious! What a fun group of "quilters in residence".
    And how clever of you to have a bed for each animal...around these parts we just stack 'em all up in one basket!!

  2. How fun that you spotted the sign!

  3. That is just so great...a sign to show the way! Yahoo!! I am glad you had fun...

  4. that was great of them to think of you and waited for your arrival.


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