Wednesday, April 7, 2010

walking with the dogs...

When I was a young one, I apparently had the habit of adding to the dinner table conversation often starting with "when I was walking with Paula..." Paula was my neighborhood friend and I guess we found some interesting (to me) stories to share. I don't remember this 'habit' but my older sister does :-)

But now I do hear myself often saying "when I was walking with the dogs..." And it happened just like that about 2 weeks ago! I was walking the dogs around the neighborhood and noticed someone's license plate bracket that read "Dogs for Diabetics". I live in a neighborhood that has homes for rent on a weekly basis to allow visitors to enjoy the central coast. The next day some of these visitors were out in front of the house loading up this mentioned car and I had to ask about the dogs for diabetics. Well, these ladies were quite friendly and loved on my dogs till Wendy came out to tell me more about the D for D's. She fosters the dogs while they head on their way for more training. Very cool service!

As they were getting ready to go somewhere, I had the feeling I knew where. I was right. These ladies are quilters and they were headed to my favorite LQS, Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero. This brought more to talk about and I ended up with a lovely invitation to join them for dinner and a show n tell the next evening. It was great fun and yet, I forgot my camera :-(

Fortunately, Sharon didn't :-) So head on over to her blog and read the posts about these very fun women and their yearly visit to my neighborhood! Quiltgranny's Shoes


  1. I know you had fun visiting with those ladies. I'll have to read Sharon's blog later.

  2. Well how fun! I am so glad you met some lovely people...doing great things!

  3. Hey...what about the photo? What is the story there? Did I miss something? Just this morning I counted 9 deer crossing my side yard! How fun for me!!

  4. Loris,
    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you at Cambria. And I really appreciate your blog list. Great sites!
    Quilt On!

  5. You just never know who you will meet walking the dogs. Interesting photo too.


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