Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's tidbits

I was the happy winner of patterns and fat quarters with the Blog Hop. The patterns are from Diane at
These look fun :-)


Be sure to check out her post. She has the most interesting random generator :-) I've been shot!
I am having quite a time with Blogger today...hope this doesn't come out 'cattywompus'....if that is a word :-)
Other news is that I finished the Disappearing 9 patch top and am set to quilt it tomorrow.


Dog news is that a weigh in at the vet showed that Sabra had lost 4 pounds! To 'celebrate'...we scheduled a beauty treatment at UnLeashed in Cayucos :-)
You call this a reward?!

Well, maybe this feels pretty good.

O.K. I'm take me home!

Simply Gorgeous and Soft!
P.S. Bonnie Hunter had a good post today about word verification.
Feel free to read it and spread the word.


  1. Hooray for Sabra *s* I think Larkin found those pounds. At our vet visit today, Larkin was 10.9 pounds up from 5.2 three weeks ago. I have never in my life been told that my doggy was underweight - and I was nearly bowled over.

  2. Well done on ALL!! Lots of good stuff reported here today. I look forward to seeing your quilting too! Enjoy your stitches today!


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