Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mystery Quilt with a mission

Michele at Quilting Gallery sent out an email about a Mystery Quilt starting up this next week that sounded like a fun and good endeavor. Heather Spence is helping to raise funds for a young boy in need of support. She has organized a way to do that by creating a mystery quilt. I'm joining in for this and invite you to check it out. She's a smart cookie :-)  (P.S. There are sponsors involved and giveaways!)

From the homefront here...I'm working on a quilt for the big sister to the new baby. My efforts were stalled a bit with some back issues that have cleared up. I didn't get the quilting done on the baby quilt but was able to get the piecing almost complete with the second.

more later :-)


  1. Wow enjoy the mystery quilt project :) sound so much fun..
    Big Beary hugs xxx

  2. back pain isn't fun. glad yours is better.
    cute blocks. have fun with the mystery.


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