Monday, September 3, 2012

Giveaway ends tonight!

Remember to check out my previous post for the Blog Hop giveaway. I'll be drawing 4 names from the list (ends at Pacific/midnight) and posting the winners tomorrow. It has been a very fun giveaway. Some bloggers have already chosen winners...and I was one :-)  Thank you to Diane at who is sharing 3 beautiful quilt patterns with me from her online shop! Her "Plaid Paws" is my favorite...what is not to love about plaid and paws!

Last week I had the chance to walk dogs and stitch with a new friend. It was very motivating for me and I managed to complete the quilting and binding on my church windows table runner.

That's the shadow of my head at the bottom...not a stain. This will be going out in the mail soon to a blogger friend. There were left over charm squares so I made myself a smaller one...the size of a placemat. My DH likes the pattern and fabric as much as I do and has talked me into the tablecloth plan. Fortunately, Country Threads has a template that helps with more accurate seam marking so I'm going to get one of those and hope for a little easier stitch markings. This will give me a little more confidence with my stitching though the hand piecing will still be a bit heavy to do with the bigger rows. But since I love this will be All Good :-)
I have a poorly lit but funny picture of Sabra. She likes this little ottoman in front of the look out or just to sit on. She looks very serious in photos but she is really a happy girl.

Elinor, (the cat in my blog header photo) has taken the house back and is comfortable walking by Sabra now and sits in my lap even when Sabra is near. So the balance is restored and the cats now rule again.
We are enjoying some beautiful sunflowers
and eating some delish dry farmed watermelon today.
Hope you are enjoying a happy Labor day here in the states or just a Happy Monday everywhere else. See ya tomorrow!


  1. didn't notice the shadow until I read your post. That happens to me too when taking a quilt photograph. I am no expert at it. I do like those church windows!

  2. I get shadows too...never thought to say its not a stain. Lol. Love that little quilt...colors look like my own stash!

  3. aww love the sweet quilt.
    love for you x

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