Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Finish and PIQF

Several years ago I was able to fly to New Hampshire for MQX and then drove onto Maine for a few days just because I love it there.  I found a sweet little quilt shop in Exeter and bought a quilt kit just for a souvenir. I finally sewed it up this past week! Better late than never!

Much more recently...as in this past weekend :-) I went to PIQF in Santa Clara and enjoyed the overwhelming fun of over 300 vendors (!) and an even larger number of quilts. A few of the show winners were my favorites but as usual, I enjoyed the World Competition quilts most of all.
This show winner Octupus was amazing!

This show winner was beautiful! So I have a picture of the artist...but not her name...Sorry, should have paid attention to what I was doing.

I will show more pictures in another post but this is one from the World Competition. It was so clever and interesting! The tag below explains it. I was struck through out the show just how imaginative people are. 

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  1. Your finish is very cute...and perfect timing it's almost, okay, kinda sorta fall here in too sunny California.

    As always you have posted pictures of quilts that I don't remember seeing at the quilt...except the blog post one, I thought it was very original.


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