Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pictures from PIQF

More from the World Competition that I liked.

Mary Mashuta was a showcased quilter with beautiful quilts and a book about her quilting designs and techniques. I love her use of fabrics and her beautiful style of design both in the quilt making and in her choices of quilting. Simple and elegant.

Only a little bit of hand stitching going on here as I have been busy with other things. I hope to get back to some machine stitching this weekend and to show you some of the treats I found at the quilt show. more later :-)


  1. LOL Were we at the same show? Other than Mary M's quilts I don't remember any of these. Or maybe I was just too overwhelmed by everything to remember seeing anything. hehehe

  2. Hey friend....Just checking in to say hello. I've been so busy quilting that I seriously neglected blogging. Always fun though to pop in and see what you've been up to. How's retirement?!


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