Saturday, October 22, 2016


This month included very little, if any, sewing as we sorted and purged and donated 3 car loads of items for a local charity. Most of the rest is packed up and in boxes stored in an upstairs room as we wait...for still several weeks...till our flooring will be replaced. We are waiting for a preferred installer that we liked. So I don't really see the effect fully of my cleaning out.  We will have to wait till I unpack and put it all back together to see if we indeed made any progress to lighten our load. I know I still have more to do.  Does anyone know of a good way to donate rubber stamps?  :-)
On the quilting front however, I did make my way up the state to Santa Clara for the Pacific International Quilt Festival. It was a good show of some beautiful quilts and creative vendors. I am usually rather strongly drawn to the shopping but found less of a pull this year. Someone told me there were fewer vendors there and I did find that a couple of my favorites were missing and there were few new ones. The quilts displayed this year however were, in general, a lot more interesting to me. So here are a few...
From my favorite applique artist and teacher, Nancy Brown,
Leonard's Big Day
Almost too fun for words :-)  Leonard has his binoculars hanging from his royal neck, and he and his bird friends are wearing colorful sweaters. The ostrich may be my favorite just because his face shows so much attitude.
I really enjoyed this and also being able to see Nancy briefly. She really amazes me with the detail and creativity she puts in her work.

Of course I was drawn to the animal quilts in the show. Quilters did not disappoint this year.
One of Nancy's students entered this beauty.

These elephants were also a favorite. Such beautiful creatures.

I have more quilts to show in my next post and a pic of something fun I did get to sew.  Have a wonderful Fall weekend everyone! 

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  1. Wow! Love the elephants and the ram. And the lion is very handsome gentleman. Amazing work.


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