Saturday, October 1, 2016


Happy Fall! Still my favorite time of year. We actually had a short heat wave here on the coast but we survived and are enjoying the cooler temps that the fog and breezes bring us. 
I finished a t shirt quilt for a friend's son. They are visiting colleges for his next adventure and hopefully will enjoy this quilt with shirts from his athletic days.

It is sandwiched with Hobb's 80/20 and quilted with stars and loops using a primary colored Rainbows by Superior. I used what I've learned is identified as Lingerie fusible to stabilize the shirts. I like it because it doesn't add any unwanted stiffness to the shirts but makes it so they sew up nicely.

There will not be much more sewing for the next couple of months here. After a few years of researching flooring, putting it off, and finally getting around to going to a flooring store...we have made a decision and committed to having all the carpet in our house removed and replaced with luxury vinyl tile. DH was all set for engineered wood but the flooring specialist steered us this way as it is more easily cleaned and more durable for the dogs and cats in our household and it really does look like wood...or close enough for us to be happy.  We have quite a bit of stained wood in our house as it has sort of a craftsman look to it. All the baseboards and doors etc is stained fir and oak so picking a product sounded daunting.  We brought large samples home and surprisingly found one that worked pretty well with what is here.  We also worked pretty hard to abuse those samples and found them to be rather resistant to scratching. So here's hoping all goes well. I will miss my carpet somewhat but will add some area rugs and possibly runners as the dogs get older and might find the smooth surface slippery. 
We are spending time now going through our house culling out what we don't need and packing the rest up to store in the 2 rooms that won't be affected. We'll move the furniture into the garage right before the job is done.
I'm trying to pretend that I'm actually moving....trying to trick myself into getting rid of as much as I can.  I'm not a hoarder but I sure like my stuff :-) We will see how well I have done when actually trying to fit all this stuff into the designated space!

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