Monday, May 4, 2009

made it through the weekend :-)

It has been one busy week and with the flu scare this weekend was feared to be overwhelming in the ER where I work. I am so greatful that it didn't turn out as bad as anticipated. Some sick patients coming in but I don't think we actually had one case of the flu. My 'experienced nurse' body felt beat up by the end of the long day yesterday. I'm also greatful for Ibuprofen!

I think the last sewing accomplished here was actually last Sunday helping my friend start her very first quilt! Sorry, no pictures...which is a shame because I am really excited about this turn of events. She loves Snowmen and found a kit just calling out to her at the quilt show last weekend. I don't get to see her often but will hopefully be able to encourage her long distance.

What we are getting ready for around here at my house is....getting a relatively new member, Mosley,

trained to exercise on a treadmill made for dogs. I take the dogs for long walks about 4 days a week when I'm not working but Mr Mosley here could use more. The treadmill doesn't get here for a couple of weeks and then we are waiting for a dog trainer to help us be successful with getting him to use it. We tried a 'people' treadmill but it wasn't new and smooth and we didn't get anywhere.
Mosley is actually a happy member of the family but is a little hyper and also has some food guarding issues we are not fond of...We are hoping to learn to be better 'pack leaders' and spare some dog bites.

So hoping to share this future event of dog treadmilling..I played with my little camera to see if I could use the video function. I'm trying to post the video clip here but am getting an error message. I'll have research that further. If anyone has any tips for posting AVI form here..let me know. Seeing Mosley on a treadmill is going to be worth the effort!

As for today, I hope to get a wall hanging up so I can share some actual quilting progress.
Stay healthy, ya'll.

Well, thank you Blogger help...reading directions, what a concept!

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  1. I saw a Dog Whisperer episode the other day where he helped woman train her dog to use the treadmill...I tried it with my Scottie and he just sat down when it started moving! Almost went off the back end before I could hit stop! Then he gave me this "why me - it's the cats who cause all the problems" sort of look. Oh well....I'll have to resort to sitting in the back yard and throwing the ball! and throwing the ball...and throwing....and throwing...


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