Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Changing it up for Leap Year

I am usually mostly a one project at a time kind of girl but apparently that has changed this year...though it probably won't last long.  This last fall, I made several quilt tops and still have two to of those later.  I was busy helping my mom through a stressful time and going upstairs to machine quilt was, I guess, more than I had energy for.  But spending a few minutes running pieces of fabric through my Bernina was a 'good thing'.
So one of the projects I started was using some leftovers from another quilt..actually two because I over bought from the fabric a quilt for my cousin who loves romantic florals and design. These fabrics from Robyn Pandolph will suit her well. I'm using a pattern from Carrie Nelson called Four Corners.I have all the blocks made, I think, but it was put away when I started working on quilts for wedding gifts and kind of forgotten.

Sometime in January when I had some time to plan again, I ran across the DWR and focused on getting these rings all appliqued. Then they were put aside.
I finally headed upstairs and quilted the diamond quilt that I displayed with Elinor last week. This gave me handwork to finish and led to wanting more handwork...which led to this embroidery project.
It is all wrinkly here because I don't like using a hoop and I scrunch it up when I sew.  I think I like using the Transfer Eze however I learned that I can't leave the project on the coffee table which is at dog height. Someone drooled on it and the Transfer Eze started to dissolve! Fortunately, it was a small section and I can easily figure out the pattern that used to be there. And now it is tucked away safe when I'm not working on it.
Then before finishing any of these other projects...I started planning a quilt for a nurse at work who has been diagnosed with a cancer. She will more than likely respond well to treatment but 'treatment' is often difficult to deal with and would like her to have a quilt for comfort. She is like me in that she would always benefit from having dogs with her so that is what the quilt will have....dogs on the front in blocks that are a courthouse step variation and more dogs on the back. The dog bones will be for a border.
So this is what I'm working on here.
It is kind of rainy and cold here on the central California coast today. But we are enjoying the continued health of Miss Bridget and the happiness of stitching.
For those not on Blogger, I added an email gadget in hopes that I don't lose all of Luckypup Quilter readers tomorrow with the loss of Google's Friends Connect.
Happy Leap Day! 


  1. Happy Leap Day to you too Loris. I am trying to get my ufo's under control before starting new projects :-(

  2. What a hoot - drooling on the Transfer Eze causes it to dissolve! I can just picture that happening. I love the variety of your projects. Cheers!

  3. All of your projects look great and I'll have to remember that dog drool disolves tranfer eze when Lola is here visiting! So glad to hear good news regarding Miss Bridget!!

  4. You've been busy! Good for you. I know what you mean about getting to the quilting machine...when life's other pressing agendas are weighing us down. But when we finally do we are so 'happy'!! Hugs...

  5. You have joined the club of doing more than one project at a time. It's a big club.

  6. I just signed up by email. I like getting posts that way.
    Lots of fun projects you have been working on. I like working on more than one. Makes it interesting.

  7. What a wonderful bunch of projects you have going on! Whoop whoop!!


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