Tuesday, February 7, 2012

progress long due

This past fall, I completed sewing the Psalms blocks together with sashing and the same border I had used for my Women of the Bible quilt.  My neice had liked the WOBQ so when another study started, I chose to make the quilt for her. My scheduled was diverted with helping my mom out after a fall, so I didn't get to quilting this until this past month. The quilting is mostly simple with some leaves and bunches of grapes in the setting triangles. I laid it out just to look for any loose threads needing to be trimmed....and before I turned back around to it, Elinor had come to give her blessing :-)

I have a couple of quilt tops ready to be quilted but have become sidetracked with a Double Wedding Ring quilt project that I actually started in a class about 8 or 9 years ago with Mary Russell. She has participated in a book where you can see more of her style. One of her DWR quilts is on the cover.

Only last month did I pick up the fabrics and start completing the blocks. I didn't purchase the specialty ruler for this project...chose to borrow a friend's...but you can see it here.  I had cut out all the little pieces and sewn most of the arcs.  So I started sewing in the cornerstones and then the applique onto the 8 1/2 inch blocks.  I have 18 completed so far and can't seem to focus on doing anything else but applique :-)

I thought my friend, the burrowing owl had moved on as we weren't able to find him (or her?) for a few days but the last two days has put a smile on my face as we have found him back at his spot.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


  1. very sweet blocks..and beautiful quilt top..
    and sweet owl friend..
    love cucki xxx

  2. Never seen that type of owl...we have large screech owls living in the woods out back. I think I've lived here too long as I now like the sound! You quilt looks wonderful...

  3. Great blocks...that is going to be so pretty when you finish! I have never seen a burrowing owl...we have the great horned ones here and some little barn owls too! Have a great day!!

  4. Oh, your Psalms blocks quilt turned out so pretty! Elinor knows a special quilt when she it.

  5. Love those DWR blocks. I would love to try making this quilt . . . . someday *s*

  6. congratulations on getting your Psalm quilt done. It is beautiful!


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