Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good news, a finish and some progress

More encouraging news from the pet hospital told us that Bridget had started eating and showing more interest in moving around. They thought she would benefit from coming home! So we jumped at that idea and are taking good care of her here. She is eating and drinking and moving about much easier with only a little help. She can't walk very far without getting tired but we are confident that will improve. She will be on antibiotics for a few weeks but she is also on much better pain control for the arthritis which is awesome.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and so very sweet words to me. I was surely comforted. The top picture is of the two sisters sleeping, having lost interest in the Westminster Dog Show.
Early last week I had the chance to machine quilt a Fig Tree quilt top that I made last September. It was from a kit that I purchased the year before at PIQF. Here is Elinor giving her blessing before I got the binding sewn on.

And here she is with the finish. I was blessed to have this handwork to do while waiting for visits with Bridget.

Looking for more hand work to have while I'm sitting with her at home, I was pleased to receive a pattern from Kathy Schmitz called The Blackbird Sings.
I had purchased Transfer-Eze last year but had not tried it yet. I finally opened the package, found that the product already had a freezer type paper adhered to it and all I had to do was feed it through my copier with the pattern design. That actually turned out to be easy to do even with my mind distracted state. I was pleased. I used 4 sheets to copy this complete pattern which I will hopefully be able to piece together on a fat quarter of muslin that I will tea dye. Haven't gotten that far yet but I'm hoping I can get it all lined up straight...and then I will have some soul soothing hand stitching to do.
Enjoying a much happier day here on the coast! Hope you are enjoying yours!


  1. Woo hoo! That is great news about Bridget! And your quilt looks beautiful.

  2. Love to hear good news!

  3. aww so happy to hear good news..
    i love your finish quilt so much..
    and the sweet pattern is so lovely it embroidery pattern..looking so cute..
    big hugs cucki xx

  4. That is great news! Having some hand-stitching helps keep the mind occupied during stressful times...looks like a good project for that!

  5. I will be interested in knowing how you like the transfer product after you do the whole process.

  6. Such a wonderful sight - those pups resting together. Lots of hugs from Daisy and me!

  7. That is wonderful news! Enjoy your stitching project~ it looks very fun!

  8. So glad that you have Bridget at home...she looks happy inspecting your work;0)

  9. I'm glad you have your dog back at home again. They're companions like no other, right? Enjoy your handwork time.


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