Monday, February 27, 2012

We have a Winner!

Thank you all for joining in on the giveaway for the new book, Sonoma Rose, by Jennifer Chiaverini. It was great to have visitors coming on over from Mary's at Quilt Hollow and from Anna's at Woolie Mammoth! Thank you both for posting on your blogs about the giveaway. Definitely gave me some needed attention :-)
The name pulled from the dog honor of sweet Bridget who continues to do very well by the way :-) Margaret from PowersThatBee Quilting!
I hope to hear from her soon and will get Sonoma Rose on the way to her house.
The picture here is a bit distorted...I took it at night, sideways, trying to avoid shadows. It is longer than it is wide. I finally got brave and took the paper backing off the Transfer Eze and positioned it on the muslin. The product is not scary :-)  It repositions easily so you can get all the design lined up and right where it should be.
Stitching felt a little weird at first, partly because I was stitching through a spot where I had left two layers of the product. As I stitched along, I got used to it and enjoyed the fact that when I am done, the stitching lines/Transfer Eze will all disappear and it won't matter if my stitches cover the lines or not. I am really glad I didn't have to trace all these lines.
I have only stitched the middle long branch and a few leaves. I stopped by a little shop and picked up some embroidery floss in colors I needed. This is a good project to stitch while sitting with my dogs and listening to music or the tv. It will last me awhile as I'm not that fast!
P.S. I purchased my Transfer Eze from Bird Brain Designs. They have recently switched to a different but similar product called Sticky Fabric Solvy. I'm not sure if it was because it was at a better price or if they liked this other product better as well. Both are the same idea...helping in design transfer.
The sisters send their love :-)


  1. Sounds like my kinda transfer medium . . . . time to investigate.
    Puppy snuggles right back at the sisters *s*

  2. Congratulations to your lucky winner! I love using Transfer-Eze. Your project looks like lots of fun!

  3. Congrats to Margaret.....perhaps she will enjoy a couple of lovely spring days to relax and read.
    Transfer-Ease sounds interesting....might have to check that out


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