Sunday, April 4, 2010

catching up

Here's Marianne and Elinor holding down the cowboy dog quilt before the binding went on.

Here are photos of it completed. It's raining here today so these are indoor shots. I was trying to show the quilt pattern but you can't hardly see it even when you are looking right at the quilt. Oh well, I liked the idea of it. I used the Stetsons & Boots pantograph which was fun even if it's hidden :-)

Dawn awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award last week. Which I must say felt kind of fun :-) My blogging is at a fairly slow pace with the intent of participating so that I'm not just an invisible lurker gleaning all the inspiration from quilters adding so much to the quilting world. And trying to add something that hopefully inspires someone else. The award comes with some tasks to keep the fun of it passing. To mention the blog award and who gave it to you with a link to their blog. To share 7 interesting things about myself. Hmmm. And to nominate 7 other blogger sites that I enjoy.
Interesting things about myself....probably only in the eye of the beholder but here goes. I've been a nurse for 32 years, mostly in the ICU.
I work in the ER now but still feel like ICU is a better fit for me.
I am looking forward to retirement in 7 yrs and 46 weeks :-)
Animals of most any kind stir my heart. Life without dogs and cats would be too hard to live.
I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California and sometimes pretend I'm really in Maine. yea, explain that one!
Anne Tylers' Ladder of Years is one of my most favorite books as the main character sort of inadvertantly 'runs' away and starts a new life. The idea is always in the back of my mind. Except no one traveling with 3 dogs and 2 cats inadvertantly goes anywhere :-)
I love to sing worship music really loud when I'm alone driving my car.

There are actually many more so please consider yourself all awarded by me as wonderful blogging friends. Feel free to pass on this award to others that inspire you or just enjoy the recognition. It is always good to blog without obligation...even if I can't figure out how to get that little BWO sign with the crow on it to show up on my blog page...


  1. Well gosh darn..I'm just tickled to see my blog here!
    I wish I could see that quilting better...sounds like a fun one! BTW...showing kitties gets a big A+ from me!!

  2. Great quilt and the black cat reminds me of one we used to have. He was a sweetie.
    Congrats on your award. I like to sing out loud with worship music going in my car too.

  3. I LOVE the cowboy dog quilt and your blog! Thanks for posting our button for Stash Manicure on your side bar. You will be receiving 3 points for the chance to in in our month end giveaway! Good luck!


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