Monday, April 26, 2010

quilt show report

Seven Sisters Quilt show was this weekend in San Luis Obispo, California. Seven local guilds come together and put on this show in the spring at the Madonna Inn. I was able to go yesterday and found it kind of hard to leave. The quilts were lovely and the vendors were too! My selection for photos is quite biased. The first is called Fractured Cats. The novelty cat fabric was pretty fun. It made for a bright cheerful quilt.

The next photos were of a lovely quilt that was an interesting way to combine alot of floral fabrics.

And then, of course, plaids. Just because they are plaids :-)

This quilt had beautiful lime green and purple.

And a great idea here where the quilter used up extra batik strips.

My friend,Darlene's awesome applique and design work. I think she wrote that she was 'using up' fabric too!

This one was lovely colors and kind of looked like a Courthouse Steps which is one of my block favorites. I didn't get a picture of the back..but it had hearts on it. The quilter quilted from the back following the heart fabric which made for a lovely quilting pattern on the front.

This one was just bright and interesting.

And here come the animals. I just like these bears.

And of course, most of all....the giraffes. This was a wonderful pictorial. This guy had alot of expression in his face.

and another giraffe quilt with extravagant applique added.

A definite highlight to the day was to happen upon a fellow blogger! I follow Melanie's blog, Crazy About Quilts, and recognized her from her picture. She was there with 2 friends and it was quite a fun moment to move from written word and pictures to real people. As I have never moved passed having a quilt for my identifying photo with this blog, she would never have known who I was unless I walked around holding it up all day :-) So I overcame my dislike of every photo of myself,shyness pride and suggested we have our picture taken together for the record. It was worth it :-) Melanie has a definite brightness in her smile and spirit. As true in person and in her pictures.


  1. How fun that you met a fellow blogger! The show looks like it was a lot of fun. :) Great pic of both of you!

  2. Looks like it was a great show. I'm like you, hate having my picture taken. You carry your quilt, I'll carry Fred. hehehehe

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures of the quilt show. Both you and Melanie have bright beautiful smiles, how fun to meet a fellow blogger in person.

  4. Ahhh, what a sweet picture of the two of you!!
    And, Melanie told me you are joining us for Bible study, HURRAAYY! I am really looking forward to getting to know you. See ya soon.

  5. you both look great! fun quilts, love the plaids!


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