Wednesday, April 28, 2010

quilt show purchases

I forgot to share the photo of some of the fun stuff from the show. I was trying hard not to succumb to too many temptations and to try Not to bring home new projects to start....There sure were some cool ideas out there though. What I did bring home was a quilt hanging system to try that uses very strong magnets, some fabric and a few gifts.
There are packages of note cards that have novelty fabric fussy cut and framed. There is batting behind the fabric of the animals and the lobsters (left bottom corner). The lobsters remind me of Maine so I will keep those to use for gift tags. The cows and the cats have destinations. I may try making some of those cards myself with the dog fabric.
There is one kit in there...not very well shown...that is for a quilt for my nephew or niece. Alphabet animal fabric that was too cute to pass up. It will be sewn and given to them during this summer's visit...I promise :-)
Then there is just the beautiful colors in fabric that were priced too well to pass.
The only thing I miss is the Kaffe Fassett bundle from Quilter's Cupboard that I wish I had purchased. Talked myself out of it cuz I couldn't rationalize it with the thought of who use it for (since I already have one)...thought of someone yesterday :-) Fortunately,QC is only about 30 miles away and I can still get it. Yea!


  1. I made the mistake of only buying one of the Kaffe Fasset jelly roll show specials at Paducah...I ment to use it as a gift for a quilt friend but when the group of quilters saw it they all wanted it! Lesson learned if I can't buy several don't bring it home! (As it was they divided up the roll...not a pretty sight!)

  2. Catching up on the rest of your posts. What an awesome view you have from your porch.
    Your giraffe is looking good.


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