Thursday, April 1, 2010

quick post to announce the winner

I am home from a busy day in the ER where I seemed to have to admit all my patients. This is not the usual. We like to send people home and happier. Not happening with me today though. Anywho...I'm headed back there early in the morning so I am making a quick announcement here for the Happy first Anniversary giveaway. Thank you so much for all the fun and sweet comments. It has been a fun and fast adventure.
So Mr Luckypup was eager to help pull the names out of the hat and I am happy to announce that Marj from Eclectic Quilter is the winner of the pattern and fabric. This turns out to be a very cool way (at least for me, anyway) to celebrate her kitty, Bandit, coming home from the hospital with improved health. I haven't met Bandit personally, of course, but I know he is a big help in the quilt room :-) So Congratulations to Marj and Wahoo! Bandit, I'm so glad you are home again and doing better!
More later...when the days are opened up for stitching.


  1. I was very surprised this morning when I found out that I was the winner. Thank you very much. I will send you an email with the snail mail info.


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