Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a bit about the vendors at PIQF

I must admit that vendors at quilt shows are a huge attraction to me and PIQF is like Disneyland in that regard! My 'protective shopping guard' was completely undone within the first few hours of stepping into the convention center...the wool and the pumpkins were too charming and I couldn't help myself :-)
My receipts reveal that Attic Heirlooms from Maine were my new best friends apparently and much of the wool I bought was from them.
The little metal heart is a magnetic needle minder from Sew Cherished where I also found some beautiful wool projects. My sister bought this for me :-)

Reets Rags To Riches contributed some wool and I am finally getting to a project I have had for the past couple of years...it is the blues and greens bird pin cushion in this next photo.

The spools came from Bird Brain Designs as did some of the wool.
The Seam Ripper is a gadget that I hope will be useful with any longarm quilting mistakes. It useful for buzzing out seams that are needing to be unsewn. I found this at The Quilt House.(sorry for the blur!)
Another vendor, Forever in Stitches, had a specialty ruler which I didn't purchase but did buy a kit from, for a quilt...with pumpkins...that apparently is written for the ruler's use. I cut this all out yesterday and started to sew it together. I used the technique they recommend but I'm not sure this is for me. The ruler is for perfecting the triangles you put at the corners of blocks. The website has a short video showing it used and explaining the technique.  I think I'm happier just putting a square in the corner, folding it over and using the leftovers for extra half square triangles elsewhere. It may be an interesting idea for some though. Here's my first pumpkin.

The thread was a great  show deal from Superior Threads for piecing. They are my go to place for thread for my longarm and perhaps now will be for piecing thread also. I have been testing out the Masterpiece and I think I like it...minimal lint.  Mettler will probably still be my favorite for when I'm trying to match thread for clothing or something because I can buy smaller spools and find it locally to see the colors.
While cutting out the new fabrics yesterday, there was a family lounging across the street (in the rain)

Later we walked out on to the ranch and found that the Egrets had returned along with Heron. Hoping to see the Burrowed Owl back soon.


  1. visiting vendors is my downfall at quilt shows too. But that is one of the reasons I go. You just never know what kind of goodies you will find.

  2. aww such lovely spool and cute pumpkin start...it is looking so much fun..
    have a lovely day deary xx

  3. Loris, I really love those wools and the critters, of course.

  4. I think most quilters love a quilt show with many good vendors. It is such a treat to have a big variety to pick from all at one time. I have learned to give some thought to my purchases though. I have made spur of the moment purchases at a couple big quilt shows where I never used the item. Seemed like such a good tool or bag to buy but it never gets put to good use.

  5. Your new wools look wonderful...and that pumpkin blocks is very fun! Enjoy your new finds!

  6. I too love shopping the vendors. Smiles

  7. Oh I love going to quilts shows and seeing all the new things out on the market. I like your pumpkin...very cute!

  8. Oh, I think you enjoyed the vendors like I would. :-) I haven't been to a quilt show in a very long time.

    Lots of fun goodies, Loris.

  9. Confession time....I never made it to the quilts....was at the vendors the whole time. LOL Looks like we bought the same wool. Should have shopped together! :)


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