Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two quilt finishes

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Sewed the bindings on two quilts headed for Bend, Oregon. This brightly colored disappearing 9 patch is for the new baby, Graeson.

The Bunnies by the Bay fabric is for Best Big Sister, Emelyn, who turned 3 years old this past month. I didn't follow a pattern for this quilt but fussy cut out bunnies and then made 9 patches for the other row. I used a Companion Angle ruler to make the triangles for the square in the square block. It seemed fast and simple but freaked a bit when I realized that all the edges would be bias. Fortunately, it all seemed to work out but I don't think that is the best way to do it. I washed the quilts and folded them to put them out of the way of my cat quilt testers. Those creases sure show up fast!


(Yes, Mr.Quiltholder is holding this upside down :-)

Mosley and Sabra came out for the quilt photo shoot and I snuck in a photo of camera shy Mosley. He is such a handsome dude :-) even if I can't prove it in pictures. Sabra has a cute bushy tail.


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  1. great quilts. looks like the dogs are in a dual. I see the ocean in the background.


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