Monday, October 15, 2012

Quilt pics from PIQF

 PIQF in Santa Clara, California this past weekend was a great show and packed full with quilters and some great vendors. My snaphot skills are still somewhat ridiculous but hopefully you can get the idea of the work that went into the making of these quilts. I tried to capture the names of the quilters but missed some.

Karlyn Bue Lohrenz of Montana won Best of Show

Nancy Arseneault of Arizona won 1st Place Traditional

I am having difficulty with Blogger and will need to forgo the captions. Here are more pictures. Some are from the International quilts. Amazing amount of talent and passion in all of these quilts. I will show more later. I'm saving my favorites for last.
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Hope you enjoy the quilt pictures.



  1. Wow they all so lovely..thank you for sharing..
    Hugs cucki xxx

  2. Enjoyed seeing these through your camera lens. Lol

  3. Did I miss you again? I was there Sat. It was a great show.

  4. wow! I can see why those first two won ribbons. Just stunning!!! thanks for sharing all the photos.


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