Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the frost is on the pumpkins

or at least the quilting and binding is.
Not sure if this is where it is staying but I'm enjoying the rush of Autumn here.
We have a scarecrow festival here in October. Someone decorated one of the benches out on the ranch.
So here we are. Sabra, me and Mosley and the scarecrow family.


  1. Your pumpkins are very festive.
    Love your picture with the Scarecrow Couple and their cat.

  2. Your pumpkin piece is perfect for fall decorating. I was looking back through your posts trying to see if this was a Thimbleberries pattern. It has the look of one but I don't think it is.

  3. Love that the pups are not in the least bit interested in that kitty *lol*

  4. love your pumpkin quilt.
    cute scarecrow couple.

  5. That is one cute quilt! Love the interesting layout.

  6. haha! What a great photo. :D Very cute mini quilt, too. Love the checkerboard in the middle!


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