Friday, October 19, 2012

more pics from PIQF

These were some of my favorites.

Well, OK. This was my most favorite! Nancy Brown showed this beautiful quilt that she had designed and made for a commissioned piece. The faces are very expressive of the real critters.

More from the rest of the show...

This one with the camel and penguin came with a great story. The quilter designed the images from characters in a story she made up to tell her children when they were young. Loved it!

Beautiful work from a Nancy Brown student.

Imagine that...a quilt without animals in it :-)
And there is still time to enter the book giveaway here
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Wow such lovely quilts..they all so amazing..
    I love the first one so much too..very impressive
    Hugs and love cucki xxx

  2. Hi Loris,
    It was so much fun to see you at the show and walk aroung a bit with you. Thanks for the kind words about my quilt. I hope to see a portrait of your furry kids there next year!!!!

  3. It amazes me how people can make such great pictorial quilts. The cats are my favorite!

  4. wow! those animal quilts are just amazing!! thanks for sharing them.


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