Friday, May 15, 2009


Upon seeing some of the lovely DJ blocks posted lately, I wanted to share some pics of hand pieced blocks that I put together awhile back. I heard about Linda Franz' Quilted Diamonds while watching the beginning broadcasts of QNN. Her diamond blocks are named after characters or phrases from Jane Austen books. Coupled with music from Mozart that was playing in the background, I was entranced. I joined a Yahoo group that has quilters chatting about their DJ and QD blocks and got to work learning to handpiece. I put all my practice blocks into this little pink and green wallhanging.

After that, I started more blocks in this blue and white fabric that I happened upon at Walmart of all places. It was on the $2 table and I bought all 17 yards of it. The feel of this cotton fabric is wonderful and I felt like I was 'stealing' it as I paid for it. So here are some pics of the blocks I have started with in the blue and white.
The one on the left is QD 131 Know your own happiness. The one on the right is QD 130 A letter from a niece.

These 2 are QD 49 She is a standing lesson of how to be happy, and QD 178 Such an evening!

I have pieced some more but haven't photographed them yet. I also haven't sewn them for awhile but have a trip coming up that may offer some time for hand piecing.

Hope you all have some time for stitching this weekend. I'm headed to work the next 3 days and I'll be thinking of you and daydreamin' of stitchin'.


  1. The blue and white diamonds are very pretty. It looks like a very good take along project. I will be checking back to see how you use these blocks.

  2. Your blocks are great and the practice blocks look pretty good too.


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