Wednesday, May 27, 2009

not exactly quilt related but it will be

We have lots of trees in the neighborhood. Many are Monterey Pines and some are oaks. Unfortunately, the root systems are shallow here and the Monterey Pines are vunerable to a disease that makes them not the strongest forest. We also have many tall power poles that tend to get knocked down during windy storms. This can leave us without power for hours or days and it gets old. We built our home about 8 years ago and planned for a back up generator. Money ran out, of course, and we have had to wait on finishing the project.

So this is the week we are finishing. The generator will power the house with electricity by gas rather than the usual electricity.
Tony, the handsome builder (on the left) helped put the generator in place yesterday. Today, the electrician Mark (on the right) is starting the process of hooking it all up. Kindly, he is doing the prep work today and the finishing on Friday....all so I can still sew today :-) and not miss a stitch since I'm working on Friday.
I saw the top off the generator and thought...boy, we should have photos of this while it's all nice and clean. No dog hair sneaking in the air vents yet.
So when we the electric power goes out next time, all the food in our frig will be saved, I can still blow dry my hair when I need to shower and get ready to work and/or I can still sew :-)


  1. Sometimes I wish we had a generator especially during ice storms. Whew!

  2. Looks like you will be in good shape by the next storm.

  3. Always have to make sure you can stitch. Good for you.

  4. Last year my sister and BIL were without power for almost a week in NH. They not only had a generator but a back-up generator! (mainly beause they live in a solar powered house that doesn't generate power when there is 2 feet of snow on it!)

  5. That would be nice to have here after a hurricane! We have a small portable generator, but it's only powerful enough to run a few things at a time.


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