Monday, May 11, 2009

a step forward and a step back

My BFF Bernina is home again and keeping me happy. I promise to keep her better cleaned and oiled...although I thought I was already doing a pretty good. The extra noise showed up briefly but I think it may have been connected to the bobbin thread being about to run out....not sure, but it hasn't come back since. I love this machine.

I finished the quilting on the later...

then found I was about 2 ft short of the fabric I wanted to use for the binding. I was in kind of a funk and didn't want to wait for an excuse to drive the 27 miles to my quilt store to buy more...if they still had I chose another from the stash. Sewed it on, looked at it for 2 days and came to my right mind and seam ripped it right off. I've never done that before and hope to never do it again. But it just looked awful. So I'll be more patient and find the right fabric when I can go to the store again and get it right.

In the meantime, my can barely see Elinor (black fur ball) sleeping on the plastic bag...are helping me with a Schnibbles pattern using Peace on Earth fabrics from Moda. Marianne is pressing the backing for me.

The bottom right block pieces actually yield half the larger block after you put one on top of the other, sew 2 lines through the middle of it and then cut it diagonally between the stitched lines. It seemed like a clever but odd way to avoid having any bias edges to work with but once I actually followed the pressing instructions, it took on a new level of accuracy. I'm kind of impressed with how little fabric is slivers less about 1/8th inch.

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  1. Oh, I would not want to have to take off binding. That was a lot. Love your new blocks.


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