Monday, May 25, 2009

finally a finish

Finished sewing the binding on this Bento Box batik quilt for my niece last night and decided to photograph 'the old fashioned way' with fingers shown holding it up and legs down below it... the DH quilt stand.

I think this is the first batik quilt that I have made. It is so different from what I usually choose to do and I think there is a new learning curve here. Was diverted from the previous planned pantograph for the quilting and the pattern proved to be a bit boring on this quilt. oh well, I think I might try again with this quilt in a second version and see if I like it better.

So today, I have been shopping on Ebay for fabric with roosters on it. Friend, Tonya, is remodeling her kitchen and wants placemats with roosters. Found some I like but got a little bleary-eyed trying to choose. So I will go back after a break and see what I like best. The actual pattern for the placemat is still in progress. Would love any suggestions.
In the meantime, I'm sewing blocks together for this little quilt of Peace on Earth fabrics. The block pattern is a Schnibbles called Imagine. I have messed with the block placement though and think I like this better.


  1. Congratulations on your finish! I really love working with batiks.

    I like your little Schnibbles quilt, too.

  2. This is beautiful. I love the batiks you chose.

  3. I love batiks too! I'm looking for the "perfect" pattern to use my stash of batik FQs. Yay for your finishing!

  4. I like the simpler patterns like this for batiks. Great colors!

  5. Love your quilt. Just perfect for fall. I like the Schnibbles one too.

  6. I love your Schnibbles quilt!


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