Monday, January 25, 2010

Beach House Progress

Bridget, here in the 'dog cave' by my sewing chair was my only help at the start. We cleaned and oiled the machine and got to sewing the charm squares I had cut. The pattern turned out to be even easier than I had remembered...that is if I ever looked at it. In not wanting to let a fabric group go by without me having a part of it, I seem to have gotten into the habit of buying quilt kits without too much concern for the pattern. I just know I want the fabric and don't have the wherewithal at the time to come up with my own idea of what to do with it. This one is working out well because I really don't have alot of time or brain power at the moment for something complex. I am just having fun. This fabric is lovely.
The pattern, I think, is a free one from the Moda site called Charm Thursday. (I'll include it in the give away box) It uses the charm squares without much cutting and no waste.
Bridget and I finally got some assistance after we got to sewing. Marianne showed up to make sure I knew what I was doing.
Mosley wanted to see if he was being left out. And Elinor thought she would just get some exercise in since we were all busy.
Apparently that wore Mosley out.
Then Sandy finally came in to check on the party.

It is too wild here :-) I have 63 blocks sewn which is the number I think I need although I have alot of charms left over so maybe it could be bigger. I'll lay it out tomorrow and see how it goes. I'll have more pressing to do when I see which way they are going together.


  1. HMMMM - everyone checked in and then checked out - LOL! Nice to see that you're in good company. :-) Wow, I like the assortment of charm squares in your kit - can't wait to see it all put together.

    I'll be sewing with you in a couple of hours. Have fun.

  2. I'll I have to show is cuttings!!! But I did come over to check in again! If I were there I'd be loving on the pets and not getting much else done! Sorry....I love my animals!!


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