Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilting Retreat at the Beach and a Giveaway

The dogs have been walked, the groceries purchased, wood brought in for the fireplace and the storm is late arriving...I think it is time to sew!
I could work on UFO's but I think it is time to pull out something kind of in I bought this kit last spring at the quilt show. Still feels new to me.
It is a fast and simple pattern with gorgeous Moda charm squares and some faded lime green for a wide binding.
To celebrate finally getting a good start here, I'm inviting anyone with free time to join me. I'll share some pics of how it's going as well as the chocolate and beverage of choice (mine is English Breakfast or Diet Coke, of course).
I was listening to Sarah Boyle and have moved on to Michael Smith. Let me know your suggestions for music. I love it all.
And for an early start to Valentine's, I have a cute pink sewing notions box for a give away. More surprises inside that of course will include some sweets for the sweet.
So please join in if you can and sew through the storm at the beach with me. This retreat will be stitching it's way on through Thursday and I'll announce the winner that evening. Extra entries will be for the quilters who have already added themselves as followers since my Humble beginning but all who leave a comment will be included in the draw. Mr Luckypup will help with the draw even though he only has the use of his left paw. Thank you all for the fun start in blog land.


  1. Maybe his left paw will be my lucky draw! I tend to get much accomplished when I listed to disco and rock n'roll. Enjoy your "new" project.

  2. I've been a sewing fool lately so I'll be right here sewing right along with you. I spent most of today with my BFF (the sewing machine) and plan to do the same tomorrow. I'll pop in to say hi and I tip my can of Caffeine Free Diet Coke or bottle of water to you. I can't wait to see what you're going to work on.

    BTW, the sewing tin is adorable!

  3. I have you on my blog list, can't believe that I have not put myself as one of your followers.
    Tell Mr. Luckypup heals and feels better soon. After I do a few errands I'll join in on the sewing. Thanks for having a giveaway, the tin is adorable.

  4. Hi Loris, I would love to sew with you. I am also now a follower :-)

  5. I'm working on a mini dresden quilt in pink for a grandbaby due in April so I'll sew along with you. I've got some gospel in the player and hum along with the hymns!

  6. Great giveaway! I am a follower. Please count me in!

  7. I've been stitching and cutting up a storm around here lately. Today was spent cutting and cutting and did I mention cutting? :-) We are preparing for another snow storm Friday and Saturday...want to sew with me then? :-)


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