Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Two with Beach House

We are off to a good start here. Elinor is checking out my work. The dog girls are keeping me company just outside the path to the ironing board.
I was able to make more blocks for a bigger quilt 52 x 65 or so. I even have enough fabric to make the extra wide binding so this is cool. The 'retreat' will be interrupted tomorrow while I take my mom to the doc's in the morning and Mr Luckypup to the orthopod doc in the afternoon. This will however facilitate me shopping for some backing for this quilt. I'm hoping someone has some Beach House fabric or something else beautiful that will work. I have a 30% off coupon at Beverly's so I'm hoping 'she' is the one :-)

The rain 'storm' didn't start till after midnight but has continued at a respectable pace till now. I think it is slowing enough to get out for dog walking.

We will dress appropriately...mainly just to entertain the neighbors.
Hope to keep stitching with you after our walk. Thank you all for joining in!


  1. I am working on my Schnibbles Madeline, but no pictures yet.

  2. I love your Beach House quilt! Does Elinor approve?

  3. I see that your Quilt Inspector approves. Your Beach House finish reminds me that I should put my finished Beach House top in line to be quilted.lol


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