Sunday, January 24, 2010

what a week

Started out Sunday with the first of the California storms. Monday morning was my presentation for was going OK...didn't think I was too nervous until my mouth was dry and it sounded like I was slurring my words. I think my body was betraying me! Came home and took the dogs for a walk during a brief lull in the rain and came back to find DH waiting patiently for me to take him to my place of employment...the ER. Poor guy tripped on a cord and was afraid he had broken his shoulder. He did :-(
So for several weeks, he is stuck with a sling and shoulder immobilizer till it heals. Fortunately, it is not likely to need a surgical fix. He is doing pretty well and knows from lots of experience how to treat his nurse, cook, chauffeur, and you name the skill...

Then sometime Tuesday, I think?, most of the town lost power and cable (read TV and internet!) Bummer...although, remember this? At least we had heat and lights and a refrigerator that kept food from spoiling. We were so glad that we finally got that job completed. The cable and town power wasn't restored till Thursday and then had a few more hitches Friday but we have been back online without further troubles so far.

Once I recover from this weekends shifts, I'll see if there is hope for any quilting but bigger priorities seem to be prevailing at the moment. Things could be much worse so I am just feeling grateful for the supports already in a back up generator and NO trees falling on my mom's house or ours.
Take care y'all. I hope to have quilt progress pics to show again soon.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your hubby. What a week you had that week. Hope things are better and the rain has let up where you live.


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